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(Hat tip: Betsy Newmark.)
The New York Magazine has an article by Kurt Anderson about the Duke University Lacrosse team members who have been accused of rape.
At first, this seemed like the archetype of the story of What's Wrong With White America. It seemed to confirm all the Left's suspicions about America.
Thus the enthralling power of the Duke lacrosse-team story when it broke last spring. As a senior Times alumnus recently e-mailed me, “You couldn’t invent a story so precisely tuned to the outrage frequency of the modern, metropolitan, bien pensant journalist.” That is: successful white men at the Harvard of the South versus a poor single mother enrolled at a local black college, jerky superstar jocks versus $400 out-call strippers, a boozy Animal House party, shouts of “nigger,” and a three-orifice gangbang rape in a bathroom.

The story appalled us good-hearted liberal metropolitans, but absolutely galvanized the loopy left at Duke. One associate professor, Wahneema Lubiano, could barely disguise her glee. “The members of the team,” she wrote in a blog, “are almost perfect offenders” because they’re “the exemplars of the upper end of the class hierarchy … and the dominant social group on campus.”

Furthermore, she wrote, “regardless of the ‘truth’ ”—that is, regardless of whether a rape occurred—“whatever happens with the court case, what people are asking is that something changes.” Lubiano’s faith-based commitment to her truth reminds me of George Bush, but also of something else journalists like to say, usually as a joke—that some juicy fragment of reporting is “a fact too good to check.”

Anderson continues with an account of what has gone wrong with the prosecution, or at the very least, what has not gone right.
The complete lack of DNA evidence linking the accused players to the rape has been ignored.
The police line-ups were completely botched.
The accuser said her rape lasted 30 minutes, but all but eleven minutes of the time she spent at the party are accounted for, using time-stamped photos.
Electronic records place at least one of the accused elsewhere during the entire time period during which the rape was supposed to be taking place.
The D.A. has said he absolutely believes the alleged victim's story, even though he's never heard it.
The D.A. has declined to review any exculpatory evidence.
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