karl_lembke (karl_lembke) wrote,

Ivanhoe Reservoir

The Ivanhoe Reservoir is a small reservoir next to the Silverlake Reservoir. Normally, it's not considered a contamination problem. When we had an algae bloom in the Silverlake Reservoir enough to turn the water green, Ivanhoe stayed beautifully clear. Water just doesn't stay in there long enough for algae to grow.

Last Monday, though, apparently someone drove a tractor into it. This triggered a round of testing which I missed, being at some obscure SF convention in the area.

However, today, in my capacity as Speaker to Microsoft Access, I was asked to pull the results of the tests for chloroethane.

I found them, and there were four detectable results in the past year, all from the Ivanhoe Reservoir.

So I copied the results into an e-mail for the interested parties and sent it off.

With a close of "nostrovye!"

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