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"Journalism" update

A Supreme Court justice once said that the Supreme Court is not the last word because it's right, it's right because it's the last word.

In the past, I've had arguments with pecunium over bias in journalism. He claims that journalists learn techniques in journalism courses to guarantee the fairness and accuracy of their work.

I suspect the main technique journalism has relied on has been that of being The Last Word. If a newspaper published garbage, there might be a few people who knew it was garbage, but the only people who'd ever find out would be their circle of friends. The rest of the public would never find out.

That's changed.
Charles Johnson could tell there was something wrong with the news photo the minute he saw it. Something about the three plumes of black smoke rising over the buildings -- smoke just doesn't curl that way, pirouetting in unison. It was, he wrote Saturday, "blatant evidence of manipulation."
He was right on target.

The exposure of the doctored airstrike photo was a coup for Johnson and his four-year-old political blog, Little Green Footballs. Make that a second coup, of sorts.
In September 2004, not long after "60 Minutes II" seemed to offer damning revelations about President Bush's service in the Texas Air National Guard, Johnson was at the forefront of bloggers who raised questions about the CBS report.
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