karl_lembke (karl_lembke) wrote,

Reasonably productive day

I wound up taking a day off from work because I was having dental work finished. One of my old fillings had cracked, so we decided it was time to replace it. Two weeks ago, the dentist removed the old filling, cut away the decay that had worked its way in through the break, and put in a temporary patch.

Today, he installed the gold onlay.

(An onlay is a piece that extends over the cusps of a tooth. An inlay fits between the cusps.)

(An outlay is what I'm going to be paying for the work.)

Anyway, home.

The first printing of the cookbook arrived yesterday, so I'm going to take some to the lasfs meeting tonight. I also mailed one off to a talk radio host.
Melinda Lee has a cooking show on Saturday and Sunday, and happened to mention some months ago that she gets sent review copies of cookbooks. Her sense of humor is wacky enough that she might appreciate the Official Manual for Spice Cadets, so I'm sending her one, along with a press release.

Press release? Oh yes.

Lulu has some instructions on how to write a press release to publicize a book. So I wrote one up and stuck it in the cookbook before mailing it off.

If she happens to mention it on the air, it'll be great publicity for the book. And for laconiv.


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