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A few years ago, I co-signed a car loan for a friend. He's made the payments like clockwork, but now he's having a bit of a breakdown and he's missed a payment.

So today, I got a call from the collection agency hired by Nissan. (I guess he didn't take care of the payment over the past weekend.)

After a conversation with the debt collectors where I arranged to pay the past-due amount, I was transferred to another number. This turned out to be an automated system that wanted me to punch in my account number.

Well, that's on a piece of paper at home, not here. After a dozen cycles of "please enter your account number, followed by a pound sign .... (long pause) .... I'm sorry, I didn't hear your account number, please enter your account number..." I hung up.

If they want money from me, the least they can do is make it possible for me to hand it over.

IAE, I've just gotten off the phone with the friend, and he's aware of the problem.

But the next time I hear from that collection agency, I'm ordering it to cease and desist. I want to deal with the dealership, and I want to deal with a human being at the dealership, all the way.

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