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Photos and perspective

This photo has been provoking great cries of outrage over the blogosphere, including here on LiveJournal where I first had it brought to my attention.

It's being presented as "teaching children to hate" and "making children address missiles" soon to be launched at Lebanon.
For the record, here is the "rest of the story". It turns out the kids were blowing off steam after having been locked up in a bomb shelter, with nothing to do except wait for the next barrage, for five days.
So, perhaps the parents were not wise when they encouraged their children to doodle on the tank shells. They were letting off a little steam after being cooped up - afraid, angry and isolated - for days. Sometimes people do silly things when they are under emotional stress. Especially when they fail to understand how their childish, empty gesture might be interpreted.

Personally, I find it interesting that Israelis, including children well under the age of majority, are expected to behave with utmost forbearance and saintliness at all times. Pity we don't expect dark-skinned turban-wearers to exhibit even a tenth of that decorum.
Some folks might suspect a baser motive behind those who are only outraged at what Israel does.
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