karl_lembke (karl_lembke) wrote,

Adventures in Cookbook writing

Last night, I uploaded a bunch of files to Lulu.com. Actually, I uploaded one file half a dozen times, as I had to tweak the format a number of times to get it to come out right. The PDF conversion engine they use has problems with some of Word Perfect's formatting commands. For example, it inserted three blank pages after the table of contents until I removed the TOC definition and format codes.

I have Acrobat Distiller at work, and I've tried uploading PDF files, but those haven't worked because I didn't embed the fonts. After considerable poking around, I think I've found the "embed fonts" button that works for this particular print operation.

I'd prefer to use the PDF file, because it looks exactly the way I want the book to look, whereas the converted Word Perfect file looks pretty darn close. But if the new, improved PDF continues to not work, the WP file will do.

I have a color cover uploaded, and am working on a back cover. I don't have any quote reviews yet, so I may just have to put together my own blurb. With luck, I'll soon have a quote review by Larry Niven, and a URL I can send people interested in purchasing my book to.

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