karl_lembke (karl_lembke) wrote,

A nice little stroll...

I escaped from the Dungeon of Karl Lembke!

And then I had to get to bed.

I killed Rampling the rat, Da Pimpmasta the floating eye, Jusdisguy the nymph, Mycroftca the orc, Slayerofboys the floating eye, Pecunium the goblin, Library Lynn the gelatinous cube, Asimovberlioz the fire elemental, Galtine1 the leprechaun, Obishawn the zombie, Nitroace the minotaur, Prinz Kristzian the arch-demon, Friendlypinet the giant spider, Skzbrust the goblin, Gvdub the goblin and Mistresshuette the minotaur.

I looted the Shield of Nolly, a Figurine of Selenesue, a Figurine of Colleency, a Figurine of Glittercat13, the Sceptre of Qabala, the Dagger of Qabala, the Axe of Vash81888, the Wand of Drarizona, the Wand of Paganism, the Crown of Katt1028 and 343 gold pieces.

Score: 593

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