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Marriage and equal rights

Here is an article on the same-sex marriage issue by Tammy Bruce.

For what it's worth, Tammy is a registered Democrat, a lesbian, and a past President of the California chapter of NOW. Of course, because of some of the positions she's taken, she's also been declared a Right-Wing Extremist Conservative by the liberal elite which prides itself on its love of diversity.

In any event, some of her positions on the topic include:
...as an independent gay woman, I think it’s time to make a few things clear. First of all, despite what you hear from the Gay Elite, there is not a consensus in the gay community about this issue. We do not all operate in the cultural or political equivalent of a Vulcan mind-meld.

I, one among many, respect and understand the growing concern about the disintegration of our traditions and values. I am so concerned, it is the heart and soul of my second book, The Death of Right and Wrong.

Consequently, I respect the majority of Americans and their opinion that marriage should be defined as between one man and one woman.

At the same time, as an American, I also believe that every American deserves the same rights and protections as every other. Most of you do, too. The very same polls that show how united Americans are against “gay marriage” indicate a majority approving of civil unions.

Now, in Washington, DC the president has declared the need to amend the U.S. Constitution! Really now—that appears to be as much of a stunt as the rogue gay marriages in San Francisco. And this from a man (who along with Cheney) in the last election who said it should be a matter left to the states. It seems, though, only if the states do what you like.

Gays ultimately need to stop looking to government for unconditional love and approval of who we are. Andrew Sullivan, a political commentator and writer many of you know and respect, wrote a piece for Time magazine where he actually equated governmental recognition of gay marriage as a necessary element to all gay people feeling accepted and wanted. He claimed that anything other than marriage will “build a wall between gay people and their own families.”

Part of the fight for gay marriage is based in Sullivan’s lament—that it is only governmental recognition of who are that will make us whole. Let’s get real—the only thing that will make gay people whole is personal acceptance of ourselves by ourselves. Instead, we are still looking to Mommy or Daddy, now in the form of Society, to tell us we’re Okay. To sanctify, if you will, our lives and relationships.
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