karl_lembke (karl_lembke) wrote,

I guess this counts as an adventure.

Next Monday, I'm off for an all-expense-paid trip to Los Vegas.
Actually, I'm going to Boulder City, and the expenses paid won't include gambling or shows or anything like that.
The DWP is paying me to drive to the power receiving station there to do a complete Title-22 test on the well supplying their water, to determine whether they will continue to receive bottled water. Our section has three people with experience at this kind of sampling. One is the supervisor, one has to stay in town as a care-giver for a parent, and only one really doesn't mind long-distance driving.
So, I'm leaving the office around 10 AM, and after I check up on my houseguest and trade last-minute instructions, I'm off to Vegas. I'll arrive, check in at the hotel, and then my time is my own until the next morning.
Tuesday morning, I wake up, probably check out of the hotel right then, and drive over to the station to collect my samples. Then, it's a four-hour drive back to the lab in Pasadena, where the samples will be analyzed. (They want the samples to arrive as early in the day as possible, so they can be analyzed before any holding times expire.)
I don't suppose there's any chance CSI will be in town acquiring background footage.

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