karl_lembke (karl_lembke) wrote,

Driving north

I left Baycon around 1 PM, after having taken care of some stuff.

joansteward had an 12:30 flight, so I dropped her at the airport at 11:30. Amazingly enough, her flight went perfectly, and she was home before I had left the county.

Of course, part of the reason was that I returned to the hotel and loaded stuff into my van. Then I disposed of trash and took away the recycling. Then I went to the Dealers' room, bought some dragon T shirts, and handed the room key back to lyzard13 and took my leave. Then, on the way out, I drove by the Costco for gas, but it was closed for Memorial Day. Oh well. There are other gas stations. I stopped in Sacramento for $1.21/gallon gas at a Safeway, and headed onward.

Long about 7 PM, I was passing through Weed, and fighting off the urge to try driving with my eyes closed. This wasn't working, so I pulled into a rest stop to indulge the urge. I spent the next half hour driving vveeeerrrryyyy ssssllllloooooowwwwwwwlllllyyyyyyy with my eyes closed, and that seems to have been enough to take care of the urge for the rest of the evening.

I got to my parents' home about half past midnight. I let myself in to the guest house, showered, took my evening pills, and read for a little before falling asleep for ten hours.

Talking with my parents by phone, just after I crossed the Oregon border, I was told they were going out for errands (dental visit, pick up paintings and drop off other paintings from wherever they're being exhibited) and would be coming back around 11 AM.

Well, after waking up, I had enough time to get on the computer, figure out why nothing was coming up on IE, fix that, and check e-mail. Now I'm updating my live journal with the news of the past day.

In other news, this year is different from all the rest in that I have Nextel signal at the top of the hill. I haven't surveyed the rest of the property to see if the signal makes it to all of it, but the spot where I parked, outside the guest house, is at least sufficiently connected to allow me to pick up a message from Joan.

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