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There they go again...

Apparently, Rolling Stone has an article about how the 2004 election is supposed to have been stolen. (Hat tip: sbeckstead.)
Links worth following:

Compare and contrast
: Rolling Stone vs. the more skeptical Mother Jones

"The left smears another black man".

Confederate Yankee called this one early. The Rolling Stone editorial by Robert Kennedy Jr. pushing the conspiracy theory that the 2004 presidential election was stolen is really a thinly veiled smear of Ohio Gubernatorial candidate Ken Blackwell.

(Hat tip:
NPR had a session last week:
One last thing: There also was a session called, "Who Really Won the Election 2004?" This was an opportunity for the cyber-active bloggers who think the Ohio vote was somehow fraudulent to present their best case. They didn't. Their presentations were confusing, if not incoherent to this listener, and they all seemed to boil down to one complaint: namely, that the vote totals didn't match the exit polls. The problem with that argument is that if you can give good reasons why the exit polls were wrong in Ohio (and there are many), their entire complaint disappears.

Real journalism would have at least also looked at Wisconsin, where multiple-state voting likely cost Bush a state.
This piece of crap includes this gem from Sen. Christopher Dodd, D-Conn.:
''People waiting in line for twelve hours to cast their ballots ..."

12 hours? An American stood in hours 12 hours to vote?
Impossible. If someone stood in line for 12 hours to vote, he or she would be all over the national media the next day.

Another Kennedy dons his tin-foil hat.

Now granted, and before people comment to remind me, I did skip over hundreds of "OMG!!! How awful!!!" blog posts. Those are very easy to find. The challenge, for those who are inclined to believe the 2004 election actually was stolen, is to address the contrary views. And the blogosphere makes it relatively easy to find such views to address.
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