karl_lembke (karl_lembke) wrote,

The banquet

I think I've mostly recovered from the banquet last Sunday.

It went quite well, with only a couple of hair-pulling events at the last minute. joansteward and I arrived at the clubhouse with the food a little after 5 PM. She gallantly started the fires under the steam trays while I ran for ice at the DWP yard. (Access to the ice machines is one of the perks of working for the DWP.)

The veggies were raw when they arrived at the clubhouse, and I had to take matters in hand to get some portion of them steamed before it was time to serve.

The other hair-pulling incident, which helped buy time to cook the veggies, was that every single pitcher that used to be in the dish closet in the front building had disappeared. Gone! One of the great people went to buy some more pitchers for the lemonade and iced tea, and the delay gave me enough time to have the veggies hot and steaming when people were let in.

Adding half and half to the leek soup tamed it just about the right amount, and that went out to the tables right away. (lyzard13 vetoed having the salad bar as the first stop, because last year, people went straight to it, rather than choosing a seat.) This was followed at once by plates of lasagna, spaghetti and marinara sauce, veggies, and either chicken or fish.

I like what the mixture of rosemary, fennel seed, and white pepper did to the fish, and plan to use that mixture again soon.

Last Thursday, Rob Cole reviewed the banquet, saying the atmosphere was friendly, the service efficient, and the food gourmet-quality.

Good job, everyone who made this whole mess work!

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