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Baycon blogging

This is being written in the fan table corridor at Baycon. For those who don't make it to SF conventions, the fan tables are where people who are advertising for various other conventions sit and entice people into signing up. I'm between the tables for Silicon 2005, and Conzilla (Westercon #59). Across the way are the NAAFA table and the table for the 2006 Worldcon.

The corridor where we lurk is a major throughfare for the hotel, and as a result, we get a shot at just about everyone attending the convention. A number of people here are in constumes of various kinds, from Renaissance/SCA to fantasy/SF to just plain fantasy of the sort you wouldn' indulge in polite society. (Just now, at 1:50 PM, a troupe of the Nazgurls came sliding by. So far, no brass ring has been awarded. Or any other kind of ring, for that matter.

Another advantage of being here is that eventually, most of the people who have ribbons to pass out will come through. I have been seeing a ribbon that says, "Roses are #FF0000". Later, I started seeing some that read, "Violets are #0000FF". I finally had a button made up that reads, "#FF8800 you glad you asked?" Some are amused by it.

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