karl_lembke (karl_lembke) wrote,

Baycon, lettuce, and tomato

Well, I've made it up to Baycon, and haven't been nearly as busy as I feared I would be.

joansteward and I drove up Thursday, leaving Los Angeles a little after noon, and arriving around 6:30 in San Jose. A late lunch at Harris Ranch took about an hour. (Between lunch and supper = lupper? Sunch?) (And as it turned out, I drove, Joan navigated and handed up Elixir of Life as needed.

The rest of Thursday and most of Friday was spent settling in and finding things in the neighborhood, including Trader Joes, Staples, and a Safeway. We got supplies for a room party Friday night, and noted where we could find more stuff for tonight's party (the main event).

I spent a little time sitting at a fan table, and had a couple of nice conversations with passers by. Didn't sell any Loscon membeships (buy now, before the price goes up. After July 31, it's $40), but I think a couple of people are interested enough to buy later this weekend.

Anyway, this computer's going away, and thus, so am I.


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