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May all your truffles be tasty ones

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This is intended as a main course. I wouldn't accompany it with anything, but I would recommend preceding it with a mixed leaf salad.

Serves 4

2oz/55g butter

• 1 tablespoon olive oil
• 2 small onions or, better still, 4 large violet-fleshed shallots, skinned and diced finely
• 10oz/280g Arborio rice
• 2 pints/1.2l chicken or vegetable stock, heated
• 1/2 teaspoon salt (you may need more)
• a good grinding of black pepper
• 2oz/55g slightly salted butter, cut into small pieces
• 2 to 3oz/55g to 85g white truffle, coarsely grated
• 2oz/55g freshly grated Parmesan cheese

In a large sauté pan melt the butter and heat the tablespoon of oil. Fry the onions or shallots in this combination for several minutes, stirring occasionally, until transparent. Stir the rice into the onions, and cook for two to three minutes, stirring, so that each grain of rice is coated with butter and oil. Then ladle in some of the hot stock. Stir, over medium heat, until the stock has been absorbed by the rice. Continue adding the stock, and stir from time to time until all the stock is added. Season with salt and pepper, and, lastly, stir in the pieces of butter.

If you like, you can stir two tablespoons of finely chopped parsley through your risotto just before serving it, on warmed plates, with truffle grated over each serving. Serve the Parmesan separately or, if you prefer, stir it through the risotto a couple of minutes before serving.

This is a main course for a very special occasion.

Serves 4

• 3 tablespoons olive oil
• 4 pieces of pork fillet, each weighing about 6oz/170g, each flattened, then put between two pieces of baking parchment and bashed - I use a rolling pin - until very thin
• 4 shallots, or 2 fairly small onions, skinned and finely diced
• 1lb/450g mushrooms, wiped and chopped neatly and evenly and quite finely
• 1 jar of La Truffata
• 1/4 pint/140ml double cream
• 1/2 teaspoon salt
• a good grinding of black pepper

In a large sauté pan heat two tablespoons of the olive oil and, when very hot, fry the beaten pork fillet pieces for several minutes, turning them so they cook on each side. They should have brown streaks on them when they are cooked. You will probably have to cook the meat two pieces at a time. As they cook and brown, remove them to a warmed serving plate.

Fry the diced onions or shallots in the remaining oil for several minutes until they are quite transparent. Then stir in the diced mushrooms, and continue to cook for about five minutes, stirring. Add the contents of the jar of La Truffata, the double cream, and the salt and pepper. Stir until the mixture boils. It will be thick. Allow it to bubble for a minute, then spoon it over the cooked pork fillets in their warmed plate, and keep the dish warm in a low temperature oven until you are ready to serve.

This is good with very well mashed potatoes and sugarsnap peas.

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