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Gallifrey One

This past weekend, I was at Gallifrey One. This was an extremely busy weekend. I was running the Con Suite.

Three years ago, I got tapped to take over the Con Suite when the previous committee head had to leave. With all of one month's notice, it was quite an adventure. Fortunately, in the past two years, I've had considerably more notice.

Thursday was a very busy day. I had an engagement with the Speakers' Bureau at work, and gave talks at a high school for Career Day. After that, I headed over to the hotel to unload stuff into the Con Suite, and then headed back to the LASFS to take the minutes for the meeting. Then, home to boil up six dozen eggs, and off to the hotel for the night. I got to sleep a little after 2 AM.

Fortunately, I had great volunteers helping me, and on Saturday and Sunday, staff. Because of their help, I was able to take enough naps to keep from killing myself.

The con suite, despite being located in an alternate dimension, was well attended and well received, and the chicken soup I brought in was enjoyed by all. (It was, after all, just what The Doctor ordered.)

Saturday, Kathryn Sullivan brought in some cakes to celebrate the release of her new book, Talking to Trees

That went quite well, and the cake was properly devoured.

I think I'll let it be known that the Con Suite can be made available for similar events at future Gallifrey One conventions. Assuming, of course, I'm asked to do the Con Suite again. Or, for that matter, assuming I fail my saving throw again.

One other point of pride: I brought it in under budget, thanks to the generous contributions to the tip jar. (And those plasma globes are great for luring people up to the tip jars!)

Sunday night, after packing up the last of the con, I said good bye to joansteward and took the adopted nephews out to dinner at the Hometown Buffet. Despite there being a line to get in, I believe we still ate before the people who stayed for the Last Supper, and I think the kids liked the selection better. Kevin now knows what Hometown Buffet is all about, and I suspect at the next convention, he'll be interested in being awake on Sunday morning for the breakfast buffet there.

Beckie Barbour brought meat, cheese and bread for the staff meals, and I set up a salad bar arrangement in the bathroom. I have a plastic under-the-bed storage bin I use for these things. It's six inches tall and three feet long. When I fill it with ice, I can arrange bins of food – salad makings, meat and cheese, or whatever, in it and it'll keep fresh. And I feel much better when the jar of mayonnaise is sitting in ice. What made the whole rig complete was a length of quarter-inch nylon tubing, which I used as a siphon to drain melt-water into the sink right next to the tub.

And finally, I had several people ask me what I put in my dip. It's sour cream with Knorr brand leek soup mix and either garlic salt or chipotle sauce. Everybody and his dog uses onion soup mix or ranch dressing mix in sour cream. A few people make spinach dip. Leek soup, or pesto mix, are ingredients no one else uses. They're quite good, and not something that's been overdone.

More items to go in the forthcoming "Manual for Spice Cadets", probably in the "9000 Iced Teas, No Lemon" chapter.

Anyway, it's after bed time, and I really need to catch up on sleep.
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