karl_lembke (karl_lembke) wrote,

Double standard alert?

At the Gallifrey One meeting, I got to chatting with glittercat13 on the issue of fluoridation in the water. She mentioned a study which compared cancer rates in two cities with different levels of fluoride in the water. So far, I've found mention of one such study.
boring research citationsCollapse )
Now, an interesting note: I mentioned another research finding, which has also received a fair amount of attention: Women who have had abortions are 50% more likely to develop breast cancer.
On hearing that, glittercat13 asked, "What right-wing group came up with that one?"
Answer: I don't know. I'm pretty sure it wasn't a "right-wing group" that came up with the association, but a number of anti-abortion groups have been perfectly happy to repeat it.
But that's actually beside the point.
The point I find the most interesting is, the study showing a relationship between abortion and increased breast cancer risk is denounced as a "right wing group's finding". On the other hand, despite the prevelance of highly vocal anti-fluoride groups, the study showing an increase in stomach cancer rates is gospel.
Go figure.

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