karl_lembke (karl_lembke) wrote,

Book introduction

Over the weekend, I finally took the time to write the introduction to my book (in progress) on the Wheel of the Year.


Between the ticks of the clock

Welcome, stranger! Come and join us in this sacred space. Enter, and embark on a most amazing journey. Here, within this circle, we shall learn the dance of the Lady, Mother of all things, and her beloved, the Lord of Death and Resurrection.

This dance is ancient beyond time, yet eternally new. It is the dance of atoms and of particles that flicker in and out of existence in a wink. It is the dance of the sun and the moon. It is the stately dance of galaxies in their courses. It is the birth and death of our universe itself – the breath of the Gods.

This is the unbroken circle, the Wheel of the Year. The circle is never broken, and its movement is never-ending. To stop the turning of the Wheel at any pont is to end all of creation and bring time itself to an end.

Growth must always follow birth, decay must always follow growth, death must always follow decay, and rebirth must always follow death. The tale of the Lord and Lady is told again and again by every voice in all of time and space. Everything in the universe, from the largest to the smallest, relates the story in its own way and its own time. Their story rings across space and time, and in all the worlds that spin their way through eternity.

A birth has just taken place, and the darkness and silence suits a nursery. Let us walk together toward the light, as the shadows and the silence gather. Before the dawn, all the world waits for the awakening.

And so it begins.

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