karl_lembke (karl_lembke) wrote,

Here's a nifty idea!

People are carrying IPOD and other music players, as well as palmtops and other PDA hardware. WorldChanging.com mentions another possibility: first aid information.
FirstAidPod is an organization that provides emergency instructions as podcasts. The idea is that, while few of us carry around printed medical guides, many of us carry music players; if a medical emergency occurs, users can open up the correct audio file and listen to step-by-step instructions for handling common -- but life-threatening -- problems. Currently-available first aid podcasts include Infant CPR (.m4a) and Child CPR (.m4a), with Adult CPR coming soon.

In the comments I suggested these devices could also hold a file with the user's personal medical information – allergies and chronic illnesses, as well as emergency contact information.

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