karl_lembke (karl_lembke) wrote,

Guard cats?

Kim Swygert at Number 2 Pencil reports on how cats managed to trap a burglar:
Brit kits Tigger, Thomas and Max help police catch a burglar by doing what they do best - lying around the house shedding, the better to cover all possible surfaces in cat hair:
Gary Sutcliffe clambered through a window at a house he hoped to rob, but fled after being confronted by the owner. He was arrested after a police pursuit in which he drove without headlights through several red lights.
Sutcliffe denied any involvement in the burglary. But he was trapped by the tabby trio of law enforcers who produced all the evidence needed for detectives to pounce. Using DNA technology, police were able to place Sutcliffe at the scene of the break-in because fur from the three cats was found on his clothes.
What 43-year-old Sutcliffe had not known was that the window he had forced open served as the daytime cat-flap, so fur was all over it when he clambered in.
Left unmentioned - walking in through the front door, or touching any other surface in the household, would have left him just as furred. Cats make sure of that.

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