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End Of Year Meme

(Gakked from pecunium.)
First posts of each month.
December 1
You may have heard about the expensive gift fruit in Japan? Take, for example, individually boxed and wrapped watermelons, selling for $100 each?
What gives???

November 2
From the Washington Post's Security Fix blog:
Sony seems to have configured some of its music CDs to install spyware on a user's hard drive. It's apparently intended as an anti-piracy measure. To make sure that, once it's installed, it isn't un-installed, it uses techniques that hide it from the operating system and from antivirus software.

October 1
Why the failures during Katrina? Maybe it's because governments are governments, and respond to different incentives than private entities do.
See the article on my other blog.

September 4
Rehnquist steps down as Chief Justice
Not by choice, mind you, but because his lifetime appointment expired.
If you think the hysteria over John Roberts has been fun, wait till you see the next round.

August 2
Suppers run late during the Great Edinburgh Festival, and with company around, hosts and hostesses can be overworked. And it must get pretty warm, as cold dishes are favored. Salads, antipasti, and warm or cold soups are good. Two recipes for good dishes follow...

July 1
From the Washington Times food section.
Combine incendiary spices and the backyard grill, and you have the fixings for jerk. Jerk is more than a single recipe, though. It's a way of cooking borrowed from Jamaica that enhances simple cuts of pork, beef or chicken. To make a dish jerk-style, prepare a paste of spices, slather it over the food you're cooking, let it marinate and then grill.

June 6
This was a party flyer which I wrote up to justify serving "Morse Code in a Drum" (meatballs and cocktail franks in a sauce) at a room party for Loscon 32. Some were amused, others seemed to find it a bit too dry.

May 3
In the Wheel of the Year, we have come to the festival of Beltane. Normally celebrated on the last day of April or the first day of May, we could easily justify celebrating it this year on the fifth of May. This is the day the sun is exactly halfway between the spring equinox and the summer solstice.
Be that as it may (or even as it April), the festival has its meaning.

April 4
Well, the annual Rite of Lost Sleep has come and gone, and we are now in Daylight Savings Time (except for most of Arizona, and I think one other state). (The portion of Arizona that sticks into the Pacific time zone does go on Daylight Savings Time, so for half the year, the entire state is on a single time zone, IIRC.)

(Switching to entries from Rite Wing TechnoPagan since I ran out of LJ entries.)
March 1
Heavy metal pollution may be costing people money in lost income – from a diminished IQ. From the AP:

February 1
Tomorrow is groundhog day.
It's also the canonical date for the neopagan celebration of Imbolc, the first festival of the waxing year. Imbolc celebrates the awakening of the Goddess in her aspect of Maiden.

January 1
Back in 1999, I wrote a brief comment on my web page, prompted by a friend's outrage over a decision made by a car company. Some poor soul burned to death in a car crash. Much was made over the fact that a device, costing $8 per car, would have prevented his death had it been in the car.


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