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Loscon That Was

Loscon has come and gone.

We had 1222 full attending members, and a warm body count of 1183. This is the final update from Elayne.

Steven Brust had very nice things to say about the con here. Personally, I was delighted with the performance of all the committee and staff – the "purple-ribbon crew". (The ribbons were supposed to be just noticeably different, but someone at the company didn't notice.) I've always dimly realized that with Loscon, "if it weren't for the last minute, a lot of stuff just wouldn't get done." It's quite another thing to see it up close.

I had a nice, long conversation with Renie, with whom I shared a panel Saturday. She's mostly confined to a wheelchair, and she had nothing but praise for the way the con catered to her needs and was ready to leap to her assistance at a moment's notice. She had nothing but praise for the way the Green Room treated her, and nothing but praise for the Con Suite. From where she sat, the Access folks did a bang-up job. She found Loscon extremely handicap-friendly.

Again, I'm absolutely delighted at how well everyone did their jobs.

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