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At the airport last night

Spike is back from Texas.

Scar, the marine we've adopted, brought him along when he went back to visit friends, family, teachers, youth group leaders, and so on. Scar has two more weeks of leave, but Spike needs to be back in school.

I dropped his dad off at the America West terminal, and by the time I had parked, he and Spike were at the carousel waiting for his luggage.

Which still hasn't showed up.

The America West people were very responsive, and called us in to the office to start the process of looking for the luggage. Spike, in a very teenage way, had left his paperwork in the pocket of his seat, and they needed the baggage claim tag so they could get the number it had been given when it was checked at the Dallas airport. (It was on a different airline, which is why they didn't track it as well as might have been expected. I won't comment on the security implications of this.)

The man at the office tried to reach someone closer to the airplane to retrieve the paperwork, and when he couldn't, he ran back to look for it himself. The Gods were smiling on everyone involved, and the paperwork was sitting on top of the pile of stuff the cleaning crew had already removed from the seats. (Kudos to the man for running off to look for the thing at all!)

Well, as soon as they find it, they'll deliver it to his home. And Spike's mom was worried about replacing the clothing in the bag if it never shows until I pointed out that there's a pretty standard replacement value that the airlines pay for lost luggage. It should be enough to replace everything in the bag. Maybe even the completed homework he left in it.

And I couldn't resist point out one other bit of good news: If tracking down the bag takes long enough, and the bag travels far enough, it's eligible for a free upgrade. Next time, it can travel in first class luggage. :-)

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