karl_lembke (karl_lembke) wrote,

Now for some really Scottish recipes...

Mellow fruitfulness is the caption for this weekend's recipes.
Brandade of Arbroath Smokies with black pudding on crostiniCollapse )
Haggis and tomato gratin with Mull cheddarCollapse )
Red wine and beetroot risottoCollapse )
Partridge with wild mushroom sauceCollapse )
Swedish roast lamb with coffee and creamCollapse )
Fillet of beef with rocket sauceCollapse )
Roast fish with butternut squash wedgesCollapse )
Apple-dapple cake with butterscotch sauceCollapse )
Bramble clafoutisCollapse )
Chocolate Mousse with cardamom and olive oilCollapse )
Tags: cooking

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