June 21st, 2006

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Love and marriage

Here's something that began with a post by thatwordgrrl almost a week ago. It led to some discussions on marriage, and I decided to throw out some questions:
In the mean time, I'll just offer a question (or maybe 1½ questions) for everyone here:
Why should the institution of marriage exist at all? What is its purpose?
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Liberal racism

James Taranto mentions something I've pointed out in other discussions elsewhere. We just don't dark-skinned people to the same standards we expect white people to live up to.
Horrific news out of Iraq, where two U.S. soldiers, Pfc. Kristian Menchaca and Thomas Tucker, were either killed or captured and later killed in an enemy attack Friday. Their bodies were found Monday, CNN reports, "mutilated and booby-trapped"
The "Blame America First" crowd of course maintains this is an easily understood and very excusable reaction on the part of "insurgents".

The always excitable Andrew Sullivan similarly laments "the cycle of depravity and defeat."

This rhetoric about "cycles" appears to reflect a theory of moral equivalence, but in fact it is something else. After all, if the two sides were morally equivalent, one could apply this reasoning in reverse--excusing, for example, the alleged massacre at Haditha on the ground that it was "provoked" by a bombing that killed a U.S. serviceman--and hey, violence begets violence.

But America's critics never make this argument, and its defenders seldom do. That is because it is understood that America knows better. If it is true that U.S. Marines murdered civilians in cold blood at Haditha, the other side's brutality does not excuse it. Only the enemy's evil acts are thought to be explained away by ours.

It's OK for darker-skinned people to ignore the Geneva Conventions, but America is run by white people who are expected to be civilized.