May 30th, 2006

Dragon b/w


This past weekend, joansteward and I went to Baycon. We decided we would ride up together, and then since I was driving north from San Jose on Monday, Joan would ride back with the Becksteads.
Of course, once Joan was back at chez Beckstead, she'd need to find a way to get to her home, so Friday morning, we drove separate cars to Newbury Park. I picked her up there, and after breakfast, we continued on to San Jose – up the 101 instead of the 5.
After a stop at Garlic World in Gilroy, we arrived in San Jose at 5 PM. We delivered lyzard13's boxes at her space in the Dealer's Room, registered for the convention, and bought our memberships at the con. Not in that order, as I recall.
After the dealer's room closed, we went for dinner. At the hotel buffet, I saw Jerry Pournelle, but didn't talk to him. He was looking extremely tired – probably a run-in with TSA during his flight in.
After dinner, I brought my box of decorations down to the party room and helped a somewhat overwhelmed glittercat13 decorate. We used some of my strings of purple Christmas (well, actually Hallowe'en) lights and two of my plasma globes. ($1.25 each from Wal-Mart, on clearance – such a deal!)
I spent a couple of hours sitting the fan table, wandered around a bit, and even attended a panel or two.
I had brought a bunch of flyers for my cookbook project, and left them on the LA Con IV table, and at the info station. (I handed one flyer to a person with a "foodie" ribbon. I wonder where those ribbons were coming from?) At the Tiki party in the Con Suite, I got into a conversation with one journalist (I have her business card in my car) and discussed my cookbook. We scheduled a formal interview the following morning.
I'm figuring that after the book is together, I'm going to send a copy to at least one food and cooking talk-show host. Because of this decision, I've added a forword intended to explain Worldcon to the mundane.
Well. After breakfast, I kissed Joan goodbye, picked up a bunch of boxes Liz wanted me to carry off (to save space in her car), and drove north.
I headed over to I5, and on up into Oregon. I arrived at my parents' place a little after 9 PM, with just enough daylight left to spot the road markers I needed.
After reading for a bit, I then undertook to catch up on sleep, and managed to recover quite a bit of the stuff.
The trip itself had relatively little drama, and the bit of drama I encountered second-hand I will probably not relate here.