August 15th, 2005

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Sunday morning was interesting. It demonstrated once again the truth of the proverb, "Any morning you can walk away from is a good one."
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Grouse season in Scotland

AHH . . . the Glorious 12th. Those of you from a countrified background will know what I'm talking about, while the townies might be a bit puzzled. For the uninitiated, the 12th of August - or the Glorious 12th as it's known amongst those "in the ken" - heralds the start of the grouse season.

And of course, The Scotsman is always ready to provide recipes to grouse about.
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The other night, joansteward and I were talking about our ideas of what heaven might be like. She mentioned thinking heaven would be like an enormous library, where the answer to any question would be instantly known.

A thought occurred to me, an extension of some kabbalistic speculation...

What if, before we ever enter this world, we're in heaven? In a heavenly pre-existence, we'd have all the answers anyone would ever want.

Maybe we come here, for as many lifetimes as we get, to learn all the questions that give the answers meaning.