May 30th, 2005

Dragon b/w

Baycon, Lettuce, and Tomato

Baycon's been very tiring. My main reason for being here is to sit watch on the fan table, persuade people to buy memberships to Loscon, or at least to have good feelings about the convention.

At night, we have room parties. These are parties held in hotel rooms, usually by people who are advertising conventions. Some parties are intended to promote particular bids for for conventions, and others are to advertise existing conventions. And then again, there are parties held for other reasons, or for no reason in particular.

The Loscon 32 party is intended to promote the convention. If people who show up happen to buy memberships, so much the better.

Unfortuately, I've alreaedy had to tell at least four different people that this was not the Worldcon party, but the Loscon party. (Somehow, the banner in the back of the room, right over my head, reading "LOSCON" is not sufficient warning. Neither, for that matter, is the fact that the membership form has "LOSCON 32" printed across the middle of the top.)

Friday night, we had a pre party, which closed down at midnight.

Saturday night, we had the actual Loscon 32 party, and kicked everyone out at 2:30 AM.

Tonight, we're having the post party, or the leftover party.

It's not all leftovers – one item being served is Morse Code in a Drum. This is meatballs and cocktail franks in barbecue sauce in a crock pot. (It didnt' quite work out the way I wanted, but it's hot protein. They love it.) Cheese that didn't make it out last night is out now, including the brie and some of the Armenian string cheese. Friday, I hit Trader Joes for some white stilton with apricot and some blue cheese, and for chocolate stuff for the Friday night party.

Saturday, the cheese went out, along with the veggie plates. A dip used my trademark recipe, sour cream and Knorr soup mixes. Leek soup is a good start on a dip, but it needs something to hold up the base, and Knorr vegetable soup works nicely. (Sunday, the dip used leek soup mix and pesto mix.)

Sunday, more cookies, left over from the other two nights, and more veggies. I've just had to start a fresh batch of the Morse Code heating, and a couple of friends had to stop a drunk who didn't realize the window with the lights draped across it was not a throughfare. He was stopped after spilling the contents of only two bowls, and he retreated before the Klingons arrived. Pity, he'd have made a good trophy of war. (Oh, well if that's the worst that happens, it's a good convention.)

(A Klingon just came through looking for his Targ, "Fluffy". I suggested he try Targ-ette. He didn't kill me.)

(Oh, hell. What does it take to keep people from coming through the sliding door!)