karl_lembke (karl_lembke) wrote,

News that's fit to print?

Hope so!

For them what hain't heard, LASFS has been the subject of a newspaper story. Bob Young has been writing a piece on the club for the L.A. Times' "Living Well" section. It's aimed at seniors, and he wanted to interview members in the "over 50" age group.

After an exchange of e-mails, Bob managed to make it to the club on the Thursday before Worldcon. ("Dude! Where's your timing???") He managed to interview a number of members, including Larry Niven, nitroace and son, and Doug Crepeau.

I invited him to come by the club some afternoon when it wasn't so crowded, and give him a tour of the facilities. After a 40-minute phone conversation, we agreed to get togeter at the clubhouse on August 23, at 4:30 PM.

Tadao (Friendly Pine Tree) Tomomatsu had a devious and cunning plan. He figured that a quiet time like a Tuesday afternoon would be a good time to bring in a few of the members that made the club look good. And it would also help if we could clean up the joint just a little.

Monday night, joansteward and I stopped by and did some first-order dirt-removal on the front building. (Joan did a heroic job, and the front building looked a lot better after we were through.) At the same time, Dr. Arizona undertook to paint the trim on the doors, which made a big difference.

Tuesday morning, I sent out a few (very few!) e-mails. Since the idea was that the reporter would be able to look at the building without a huge crowd in the way, the last thing I wanted was for a huge crowd to show up. I was there – late after my work day ran late. Tadao was there, giving the tour, and an account of the significance of the stuff in our display cases.

Also present were Ben Massoglia (da_pimpmasta), Marty Cantor, and Karen Anderson. Between the lot of us, we were able to give Bob a huge wad of information, and a number of different and valuable perspectives of fandom. We hit the variety of interests we share, and the fact that we concentrate far more on the interests we share than we do on factors that are supposed to raise barriers – age, pro vs. amateur status, and the like. We hit the fact that we pitch in to help each other out, including mention of Fred Patten and his stroke.

Bob left after more than an hour and a half, and we all headed out not too long thereafter. One of the things Bob mentioned was wanting to write some longer articles for other mainstream magazines, on a freelance basis.

The article will appear in the L.A. Times "Living Well" section on September 20. So far, it appears it's going to have a positive and respectful take on us weirdos. At least, that's my feeling about the whole thing. Now to cross my fingers and hope I'm not disappointed....

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