karl_lembke (karl_lembke) wrote,

Most irritating...

After my copy of the "Shoggoth on the Roof" soundtrack disappeared (following the six-car pile-up on the Grapevine),  I finally decided to track down a vendor and buy a replacement copy.  I made the purchase over the vendor's website on June 10.

On August 2, I contacted them to find out when I could expect to receive it.  I was told it was mailed on June 12, but the Post Awful had no record of delivery -- they'd submit an inquiry.

Well, I've been giving them room to work -- I've sent two e-mails asking for a status report.

Just now, I sent an e-mail asking if anyone else carries the CD.

Unfortunately, payment was made with a debit card, so I don't have the ability to dispute the charge.  (Would I have that ability after more than three months, merely because I haven't received the product yet?)  

I can understand not wanting to spend money on a possible duplicate shipment, but maybe someone ought to sit these people down and introduce them to the concept of "customer good will".

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