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Answering a rhetorical question

This time, it's a rhetorical question posed by petunium here.

Since it is, indeed, a rhetorical question, he is not expecting a substantive answer, but instead offers it to make his point – that the CIA is hiding torture and believes the use of torture can't be justified.

My response is
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Update: There have been comments, including Terry's advice:
As for Karl, it's best to ignore him, on this subject(you may make your own decision on other topics). He believes torture works, that those who are opposed to tortures he doesn't think are tortures are being willfully blind; because despite the people like myself who say it doesn't work, the CIA has a couple of apologists (with decidedly mixed motives, as they say they know, and imply they have performed, tortures being used) keep saying that torture as means of collecting useful information is useless, he still avers that it's quite the handy tool, and ought to be used more often.

My reply to him is
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To me, it has become obvious that Terry does not care to build or defend his case. He finds it easier to impugn the character of those who dare to disagree with him.
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