karl_lembke (karl_lembke) wrote,

A social map of LJ

Explanation and other locations

OK, so what is this?

This script locates the user on the LJ map. The map is organized in such a way that the users from the same clique are close to each other on the map. Users are in the same clique if they are not only mutual friends but also friends of each other friends and their friends are most likely to be friends too. If the user has some non-clique (distant) friends they are shown on the map together with links connecting them. So the length of the link quantitatively represents how distant is the certain friend from user's clique.

The intensity of the color shows how many users are located on this certain spot. White means: no users here. There are two main user continents on the current map: main cluster (the larger on the right) and the Russian speaking continent on the right. Most of the users are in the red centers of these continents.

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