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I was in the crowd lined up at midnight. I did a fair amount of reading while I was donating platelets yesterday, and finished a bit before 3AM. (I did spend a few hours sleeping off the donation, otherwise I'd have finished the same day.)

(Edited to put a possible spoiler behind a LJ-cut, now that everyone's had a chance to see it.)

It's nicely done.

It's also wrapped in such a way that it's going to be next to impossible to write a sequel involving Harry or Voldemort. Indeed, it will be very hard to do much more than the standard "put the pieces back where they belong" episode set in the next couple of decades.

Other stories set in the same universe, though, remain feasible.
While I'm fixing my lj-cut tags, I'll just mention that if I wanted to give out a real spoiler, I'd just mention:

Harry names one of his sons "Albus Severus".

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