karl_lembke (karl_lembke) wrote,

Work on my web page

I've been doing some work on the pagan section of my web page. This includes tinkering with the background graphics and the style sheet, to sharpen up the look of the thing.

I'm also fixing the code for the first draft of my book on the wiccan rede. Some of the pages have the new style, others have the older one.

Since I have finally written my first draft for the 21st couplet, and I'm working on the rest of them, I expect to be through the first drafting process RSN.

After I've written the 26 chapters, one for each couplet, I'll write up my thoughts on the structure of the poem, which won't go into this page.

There may be additional material going in to each chapter in the second draft, and that also won't appear on this page.

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