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Comic con

This has been quite a weekend.

I spent Friday morning putting stuff together, and the afternoon driving down to San Diego. This time, I avoided Interstate 5 altogether, and as a result, was out of LA County within an hour. The 605 was pretty gummed up, so I ducked over to the 15, which I then realized I should have been on all along. (Yes, it's an hour over to it, but the straight shot down the 5, which I used last time, took six hours.

Once inside the San Diego City Limits, traffic slowed to a relative crawl, but I did make it to the convention center at around 4 PM. I got in a little bit of wandering around time, and spent a fair amount of time at the LASFS/Loscon table. No con memberships sold – no money traded hands. But there were a few nibbles. One thing Greg Bilan did that was very good was he brought down a bunch of info packets for the LASFS. Most attending the con won't be interested, either because that's not how their tastes run, or because it's all the way up (or down, or over) in Los Angeles. But we had a couple of nibbles there.

On the way home, Ed and lyzard13 rode with me back to the Polar Den. After arriving there, we drove up to Broadway to find a place to eat. We'd decided to settle for a Mexican place we had noticed, but I spotted a Chinese place which we hit instead. It was pretty good, and I figured it would have more dishes which a low-oxygen vegetarian (doesn't eat air-breathing animals) could have.

A little before midnight, glittercat13, lyzard13, Ed and I piled into a car to head to the local market. It was selling the new Harry Potter book, starting at midnight. We got our copies, I got some stuff to sustain me at the table later that day, and we went back home. I crashed around 1AM, along with everyone else.

We arose around 7AM and were underway at around 7:30. Traffic around the convention center was miserable. By the time we got there, parking underneath was full. We inched along to the parking structure next door, and once inside, headed up. I saw lots of parking on the third level, and figured I could get a spot by the elevator higher up. I parked right across from the elevator on level four, and we headed over.

Again, I spent a lot of time at the table, pecking away on my computer, with breaks to read the new book. I also took time, as needed, to refill the candy dish. The "dish" was one of those pet food dispensers, with the little water bottle that empties into a bin. I referred to the contents as "Purina Fan Chow", which amused many.

I did get a chance to wander around and look at stuff, and bought some jewelry from one of Glittercat's friends. (She had enough of a tale of woe I decided to throw my business her way.)

I was tired from lack of sleep, and I had taken the opportunity given by the blood drive to spend twenty minutes lying down. This drive was run by The Blood Bank of San Diego, about which I'll say more later. But it left me feeling a pint low. (But there's a shortage, so they really need it.) On the way home Saturday, we grabbed some pizzas, ate, and made an early night of it.

Today, Ed and Lyzard will be heading back north after only a brief visit. I'll probably bail mid-afternoon and come back to the Den for the Dead Dog Party. (They can finish the Fan Chow.) I'll probably leave there around dark, and drive back north, arriving back in town between 10 and 11 PM.

One comment: I have never seen so many Sith lords, storm troopers, and jedi knights in one place as I have here. Though I must admit the Jedi Jack-In-The-Box clowns were quite good. I did not see the Elvis Stormtrooper costume yesterday. Maybe today.


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