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John Cage, where are you?

From The Scotsman:
A £45,000 grand piano smashed to the ground in front of horrified concert organisers after it fell 14ft from a delivery lorry down an embankment.

Mrs Adie [artistic director for the Two Moors Festival in Devon] was taking photos of the delivery for publication in their monthly newsletter. She said: "We had so many supporters who had turned out to finally see the piano arrive. There was a real air of excitement and everything seemed to be going smoothly. Then, without warning, the instrument veered away from the men unloading it, sped up and flipped on to the ground.

"I was totally gobsmacked - I felt rooted to the spot - it made a deafening noise like ten honky-tonk pianos being hit by mallets."

One of the commenters hoped someone had thought to take out insurance. And there were other comments like:
8. Tom MacFarlane, Blackpool, UK / 2:15pm 11 Apr 2007 Beethoven wrote the Hammerklavier Sonata for just such an event as this.

9. Tom MacFarlane, Blackpool, UK / 2:17pm 11 Apr 2007 If you drop a piano down a coal mine, what key does it play in?

A flat minor!
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