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Cargo cult

Here is a link to an article about what may be the last surviving cargo cult.
The Sunday Herald has an intriguing story about a surviving cargo cult on a remote Pacific island where the natives still believe that, if they dress up as Americans and perform certain rituals, cool cargo will arrive to benefit them as happened during World War II.
THEIR MUSCULAR backs daubed with the letters U-S-A in bright red paint, a platoon of 50 young men march and wheel beneath a relentless tropical sun.

Shouldering bamboo poles like rifles, they execute immaculate drills, stamping to attention, about-turning and deploying their imitation weapons beneath a giant stars and stripes flag fluttering from a pole.

In the middle of this interesting anthropological story, the writer has to insert a bit of anti-Americanism.
"This is how far we have to go right now to find a country which loves and respects America," said Cevin Soling, a film-maker from New York and one of the few foreigners to witness yesterday's celebrations.

"They love America for the principles we once stood for - defending others but not trying to control them."

Gee, aren't we now in Afghanistan and Iraq trying to defend people? If we were totally uninterested in protecting people, it would be a lot easier to buy into the idea of pulling out now and letting the slaughters begin.

And I thought the Cargo Cultists were doing what they did in hopes that more cargo would arrive.
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