karl_lembke (karl_lembke) wrote,

Corn on the cob

SaturNight, I was invited to a party at Karen Anderson's place. When the Estrogen Zone group broke up and headed out for dinner, Joan and I headed over, stopping on the way for some stuff for the barbecue.

One of the things I bought was some white corn and some basil. I stopped off at home to grab some butter, some rosemary and oregano from the herb garden, and of course, the summer pudding which was stewing in its juices in the fridge.

The pudding was well received, and a several peoples enjoyed the result of barbecuing meat in the smoke from rosemary.

I heated up the corn on the barbecue, after pulling open the husks and spreading on some herb butter. The butter was made by mixing in equal parts of basil and oregano. Joan vetoed the addition of garlic, because she was worried that garlic breath might offend others at the party. This precaution turned out to be unnecessary, as all of Karen's friends recognize garlic as a food group. Nevertheless, it was still quite good, even without the garlic.

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