karl_lembke (karl_lembke) wrote,

Adjust me once, adjust me twice...

...adjust me once again,
I've got a long, long spine,
I have had this pain right here,
Since I can't remember when,
I've got a long, long spine.

You'll never know how stiff
my joints have been without you,
Or how painful they have been without you,

Adjust me once, adjust me twice,
Adjust me once again,
I've got a long, long spine!

My Christmas gift to joansteward this year is chiropractic treatments. She was left in considerable pain by the accident at the end of last year, and it turns out she's been in need of chiropractic treatment for years, whiplash notwithstanding.
We're both very impressed at the job this chiropractor is doing.
Of course, one must remember chiropractic is far from a cure-all.
"It rains on the adjusted and the unadjusted alike."
Tags: life happens

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