karl_lembke (karl_lembke) wrote,

All well...

...but I'm a little irritated.

Friday, I was out in the field, testing the water at a school. The lady behind the desk wanted to make sure it was OK to let me in to sample the water, and wanted a second ID besides my work photo ID.

Oh, all right. Here's my driver's license.

Except, no it isn't there.

She called her boss, and he had no problem letting me collect a water sample from their bathroom, but now I was left wondering where my driver's license had gone.

I spent a fair amount of time rummaging through my house looking for the thing. I know I had it when I bought the Odyssey, and I know I had to have it when I was at U-Haul renting a truck. (Another interesting tale.) I wondered if maybe I had left the thing at the U-Haul counter, but it had been more than a week and surely someone would have called to let me know it had been found. Finally, just for my own peace of mind, I decided to go back and establish once and for all whether I'd left the thing there or not.

It was in the drawer under the counter.

The girl behind the counter told me that normally, they'd call the person who'd left a driver's license behind. Or if they couldn't reach him, they'd mail it to him. (Oh, yeah. That's right. They have the address right on the front of the thing!) I guess everyone thought someone else must have called.


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